1 to 4 AA/AAA Cell Quick Battery Charger inc. 4x AA


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Fujitsu quick battery charger for charging 1-4 cells at a time features:

Worldwide 100-240VAC 20/60Hz input via wall mount input plug
Charges 1 to 4 cells - AA & AAA NiMH
Individual charging channels for the ability to charge batteries with different states of charge at the same time. Once a battery reaches full charge, that channel will automatically switch off while the other channels continue.
Charge output: 

AA @1100mA (1-2 cells); @550mA (3-4 cells)
AAA @560mA (1-2 cells); @280mA (3-4 cells

4 x LED status indicators help identify when charging is complete
Built in intelligent safety features including reverse polarity protection, auto shut off and bad cell detection
Includes 4 x Fujitsu HR-3UTC AA 2100 cycle LSD batteries
Included batteries are made in Japan.


Weight (kg): 0.2
Warranty: 1 year
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