Adapter Plates for DCC1


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Camera specific adapter plates for DCC1 charger.


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Application: Requires DCC1!

Additional Information

For charging your camera battery you will need the DCC1 charger (sold seperately!) and one or more of the matching adapter plates.

If you own multiple cameras simply get an adpater plate for each model and you can use the same charger for all your cameras.

How does it work?

  1. Take the battery out of your camera and look at the writing on the battery.
  2. Compare it with the battery types in the following table.
  3. If you find a matching entry, write down the adpater plate number.
  4. Order the adapter plate and, if you don't already have it, the basic charger unit. 

If you can't find your battery please contatct us with details of your battery and/or camera make and model.

Adapter Plate to Battery Guide
Adapter Plate Suitable for Battery
AVP5 Canon NB-5H
AVP16 Samsung SB-L110, SB-L110A, SB-L160, SB-L220, SB-L320, SB-L480, SB-L70, SB-L70A, SB-L70R, SB-LS110, SB-LS220, SB-LS70, SB-LS70AB. Also suits Topcon BT-30, BT-62Q, BT-65Q, BT-66Q
AVP20 Casio NP-20, Master DCB-NP20
AVP30 Fujifilm NP-30, Master DCB-NP30
AVP41 BenQ DLI-102, Fujifilm NP-40, Konica-Minolta NP-1, Pentax D-LI8, Samsung SLB-0737, SLB-0837, Sanyo NP-40
AVP46 Canon NB-4L, Master DCB-NB4L
AVP51 Konica DR-LB1, Kyocera & Yashica BP-1000S, BP-800S, BP-900S, Toshiba PDR-BT9, Master DCB-AD50
AVP55 Sony NPFH30, NPFH40, NPFH50,Sony NPFH60, NPFH70, NPFH100, NPFP50, NPFP70, NPFP71, NPFP90, NPFV50, NPFV70, NPFV90, NPFV100
AVP56 Canon NB-5L
AVP60 Casio NP-30, NP-30DBA.
Creative NP-60.
Fujifilm NP-60.
Hewlett Packard A1812A, L1812A, L1812B.
Kodak KLIC-5000.
Olympus LI-20B.
Panasonic CGA-S301, CGA-S302A, CGA-S302A/1B, CGA-S302E/1B, VW-VBA10, VW-VBA20, VW-VBA21.
Pentax D-LI2.
Ricoh DB-40.
Samsung SLB-1037, SLB-1137.
Toshiba PDR-BT3.
Yaesu FNB-82LI.
AVP61 Contax BP1500S.
Fujifilm NP-120.
Kodak KLIC-5001.
Pentax D-LI7.
Ricoh DB-43.
Sanyo DBL-50.
AVP77 Leica BP-DC5-E
Panasonic CGA-S002, CGA-S002A, CGA-S002E, CGA-S006, CGA-S006E, CGR-S006, CGR-S006E, CGR-S002, CGR-S002E, DMW-BM7, DMW-BMA7 
AVP79 Casio NP-60
AVP95 Fujifilm NP-95
AVP102 Olympus BLL-1
AVP106 Olympus BLS-1
AVP107 JVC BN-V107, BN-V114 & Master VB107, VB114batteries
AVP110 Olympus Li-10B, Sanyo DB-L10, Master DCB-DBL10
AVP113 Sony NP-BD1, NP-FD1, NP-FR1, NP-FT1
AVP120 Hitachi DZ-BP14, DZ-BP14R, DZ-BP16, DZ-BP28.
Leica BP-DC1, BP-DC3.
Panasonic CGA-D54S, CGA-D54SE, CGA-D54SE/1H, CGP-D28A/1B, CGP-D28S, CGP-D28SE/1B, CGP-D320T1B, CGP-D54S, CGR-D08, CGR-D08A/1B, CGR-D08R, CGR-D08S, CGR-D08SE/1B, CGR-D120, CGR-D120E/1B, CGR-D120T, CGR-D14, CGR-D16A/1B, CGR-D16S, CGR-D16SE/1B, CGR-D210, CGR-D220, CGR-D220A/1B, CGR-D220E/1B, CGR-D28A/1B, CGR-D320, CGR-D320A/1B, CGR-D320E/1B, CGR-D53A/1K, CGR-S602, CGR-S602A, CGR-S602A/1B, CGR-S602E/1B, CGR-S602SE, DMW-BL14, VW-VBD21, VW-VBD22, VW-VBD25, VW-VBD33, VW-VBD35, VW-VBD40, VW-VBD55.
Master DCB-CGRS602, VB120, VB220, VB320, VB-CGA-D54S.
AVP128 Fujifilm NP-70, Leica BP-DC4, Panasonic CGA-S005, DMW-BCC12; Ricoh DB-60, DB-65; Samsung IA-BH125C,  Master DCB-CGAS005, VB-IA-BH125C
AVP130 Olympus LI-30B, Master DCB-Li-30B
AVP133 Olympus Li-70B
AVP134 Panasonic DMW-BCH7
AVP135 Fujifilm NP-150, Nikon EN-EL3, EN-EL3e
AVP140 Fujifilm NP-45, Kodak KLIC-7006, Nikon EN-EL10, Olympus Li-40B and Li-42B, Pentax D-LI63
AVP142 Fujifilm NP-140 & Master DCB-NP140
AVP152 Olympus Li-50B, Pentax D-Li92, Sony NP-BK1, Master DCB-Li-50B, DCB-NP-BK1
AVP154 Panasonic DMW-BCG10, Master DCB-DMW-BCG10
AVP158 Panasonic DMW-BCF10, Master DCB-DMW-BCF10
AVP168 Panasonic CGA-S008, DMW-BCE10, VW-VBJ10, Ricoh DB-70
AVP171 Panasonic CGA-S007, CGR-S007, DMW-BDC10
AVP177 Nikon EN-EL7, Master DCB-ENEL7
AVP178 Pentax D-Li88, Sanyo DB-L80, Master DCB-DBL80
AVP181 Sony NP-BG1, NP-FG1, Master DCB-NP-BG1
AVP185 Samsung IA-BP85SW Master DCB-IA-BP85SW
AVP189 Kodak KLIC7000, Nikon EN-EL8 Master DCB-ENEL8 & DCB-KLIC-7000
AVP196 Nikon EN-EL9
AVP197 Panasonic DMW-BLE9
AVP208 JVC BN-VM200 Master VB-BNVM200U
AVP226 Sharp BT-L226, BT-L227 Master VBL226
AVP233 Casio NP-130
AVP234 Canon BP2L12, BP2L13, BP2L14, BP-2L24H, BP2L5, NB-2L, NB-2LH
AVP238 Canon BP-808/809/819/827
AVP249 Benq 02491-0015-00, Rollei 0249-0028-00 original batteries
AVP287 Samsung BP85A
AVP289 Samsung BP70A
AVP303 Panasonic VM-VBE10 CGA-S303 Master VB-CGA-S303
AVP313 Samsung SLB-10A
AVP315 Canon LP-E5
AVP317 Nikon ENEL11, Pentax D-Li78, Ricoh DB-80
AVP318 Samsung IA-BP80W, Ricoh BJ-8
AVP326 Panasonic VW-VBG6
AVP340 Samsung SLB-11A
AVP341 Samsung IA-BH130LB
AVP351 Sony NP-BN1
AVP357 Samsung SLB-07A
AVP362 Canon NB-6L
AVP371 Canon NB-7L
AVP372 Pentax D-Li90
AVP375 Casio NP-50
AVP368 Fujifilm NP-50, Kodak KLIC-7004, Pentax  D-Li68
AVP391 Samsung SLB-1137D
Panasonic CGA-DU07, CGA-DU12, CGA-DU14, CGA-DU21, VW-VBD070, VW-VBD140, VW-VBD210, VW-VBG070A, VW-VBG130, VW-VBG260.
Master VBDU07, VBDU14, VBDU21
AVP410 Sanyo DB-L40, Master DCB-DBL40
AVP411 Kyocera BP-1100S
AVP413 Samsung SLB-0837B
AVP489 Nikon EN-EL14
AVP508 Canon BP-208, BP-308, BP-315
AVP511 Canon BP-508, BP-511, BP-511A, BP-512, BP-514, BP-522, BP-535 Master VB511, VB522, VB535
AVP529 Nikon ENEL19
AVP550 Hitachi VM-BPL13, VM-BPL13A, VM-BPL13J, VM-BPL27, VM-BPL27A, VM-BPL30, VM-BPL60
JVC BN-V607, BN-V607U, BN-V615, BN-V615U, BN-V615X, BN-V812, BN-V812U, BN-V814, BN-V814U
Panasonic CGR-B202A, CGR-B/202A1B, CGR-B/202E1B, PV-DBP5, VW-B202, VW-VBD1, VW-VBD1E
Sony NP-F330, NP-F530, NP-F550, NP-F570, NP-F730, NP-F730H, NP-F750, NP-F770, NP-F930, NP-F950, NP-F950/B, NP-F960, NP-F970, NP-FM30, NP-FM50, NP-FM51, NP-FM500H, NP-FM55H, NP-FM70, NP-FM71, NP-FM90, NP-FM91, NP-QM50, NP-QM51, NP-QM70, NP-QM71, NP-QM71D, NP-QM90, NP-QM91, NP-QM91D
AVP555 Sony NP-FA50, NP-FA70, Master VB-NPFA50, VB-NPFA70
AVP612 Nikon EN-EL12
AVP655 Sony NP-FW50
AVP700 Konica-Minolta NP-700,Sanyo DB-L30, Master DCB-NP700
AVP707 JVC BN-VF707, BN-VF714, BN-VF733, Master VB-BNVF707, VB- BNVF714, VB-BNVF733
AVP771 Kodak KLIC7001
AVP772 Kodak KLIC7002, Master DCB-KLIC-7002
AVP773 GE GB-40 & Kodak KLIC7003
AVP793 Samsung SLB-1137C
AVP800 Samsung SB-LSM80, SB-LSM160, SB-LSM320, SB-LSM330
AVP801 Canon LP-E10
AVP808 JVC BN-VF808, BN-VF815, BN-VF823
AVP813 Canon LP-E8, Master DCB-LP-E8
AVP815 Samsung SLB-1974, Master DCB-SLB1974
AVP830 Acer, Hitachi, Maginon, Megapix, Minox, Revue, Rollei, Traveller battery model 02491-0028-01
AVP836 Canon LP-E6
AVP850 Ricoh DB-50, Kodak KLIC-8000, Master DCB-DB50
AVP855 Samsung IA-BP85ST
AVP870 Samsung SBL-70G, SBL-110G Master VBL110G
AVP882 Samsung SB-LH82
AVP900 Samsung SB-90ASL, SB-P90A, SB-P90AB, SB-P90ASL
AVP914 Canon BP-911, BP-914, BP-915, BP-924, BP-927, BP-930, BP-930R, BP-941, BP-945, BP-950G, BP-970G
AVP973 Samsung SLB0937