Cable Lugs for 8B&S to 0000B&S cable size


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Various sizes of cable lugs.
Lugs are crimped or soldered to cable to create a safe and durable connection to batteries or distributors.

Please refer to the table below for the sizes available and select the requested size from the drop - down list. Lugs are sold in singles and packets of 10. Most lugs are in stock also we may not always have the biggest sizes available in stock.

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Additional Information

Lugs are compression terminals. They are designed to be crimped (compressed). The best form of crimping is using a die that forms a hexagonal compression pattern - known as "hex" crimp.


The copper, being soft, is compressed into a solid block. Voids are removed at the point of contact between the conductor and the barrel of the terminal.


Tools and terminals are designed to work within certain compression ranges, so matching terminal to cable size is important to avoid bad connections, heat buildup and tool damage.

'Indent' type crimpers do not evenly compress the conductor and tend to introduce voids and distort the terminal barrel.

Strands are compressed into a solid block. The connection point is physically stronger than the cable alone.

While crimping is the ideal connection, it is also possible to solder the lugs. Smaller lugs can be soldered with a soldering iron while bigger lugs may require a soldering torch.