Enerdrive ePro+ Battery Monitor - EN55050


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Complete battery status information at a glance (%, V, A, Ah, W, h:m, °C). Supports up to three battery banks (12V, 24V and 48V).

Shunt dimensions: Footprint 100 x 100mm
Base height 24.0mm
Total height 64.5mm
Weight 290grams

Display dimensions: Front panel Ø 64.0mm
Body diameter Ø 51.5mm
Total depth 36.0mm
Weight 70grams


Weight (kg): 1
Application: Battery Monitor
Warranty: 2 Years

Additional Information

The ePRO PLUS is the latest generation, highly advanced battery monitor from Enerdrive. It consists of an intelligent shunt and a remote control display unit. The shunt has a Grid Optimized footprint for perfect integration with our DC Modular products.

This advanced battery monitor not only shows the true state of charge of your battery system. It also offers a large amount of additional features to optimally supervise your battery system and control external equipment. The ePRO PLUS is compatible with lead based and Lithium batteries (LiFePO4).

The ePRO PLUS can monitor up to three battery banks. The inputs for battery bank 2 and 3 can also be configured for other purposes, like mid-point voltage measurement, keyswitch input, setup lock or backlight control. The ePRO PLUS battery monitor can measure DC currents up to 600Amps (500Amp continuous) and voltages up to 70Vdc. So any lead- or lithium based battery from 12V up to 48V can be monitored.

The installation time is minimal, requiring only one supply wire to the intelligent shunt base and a single ‘QuickLink’ cable between the shunt base and the control/display unit (CDU). Additionally, the battery minus cable must be interrupted in order to insert the shunt into the high current circuit. The fused supply wire and the QuickLink cable are both included in the package, avoiding the need for a separate connection kit.