Lifeline LL1640TB - 16V Race Car Battery AGM


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Race Cars, Race Boats, Racing Tractors, Race Trucks, Dragsters and other High Performance vehicles come standard with some of the most sophisticated electronics on the road today. On the other hand, horsepower requires all the sparks most batteries can provide in lieu of those electronics. These two opposing needs for power bring many issues to racing electrical systems. There is always a thirst for more electricity to operate at peak performance to be longer, stronger and faster.

Enter the 16 Volt Lifeline Racing Battery! This battery packs a whopping 1050 race cranking amps 1into a 42 pound shell that comes in either 16 volt battery or Combo 16 and 12 volt battery Models. Built to be mounted in a car, boat, buggy, or truck at any angle and remain leak and spill proof.


Volts: 16
Length (mm): 167
Width (mm): 259
Height (mm): 207
Weight (kg): 19
Application: Racing
Warranty: 3 Months Replacement-9 Months Pro Rata

Additional Information

Both 16 Volt Batteries Boast the following Specifications: race cranking amps: 1050, cranking amps 950, cold cranking amps 750
Reserve Capacity: 85 Minutes @ continuous 25 amp discharge
Weight: Only 42 lbs.

16 Volt Racing Battery & 16 / 12 Volt Battery Race Cranking Amps:
5 seconds continuous @ 75°F to 7.2 volts = 1050 Amperes
15 seconds continuous @ 75°F to 7.2 volts = 950 Amperes
30 seconds continuous @ 75°F to 7.2 volts = 750 Amperes
RC=85Min @25A to 14V

Manufacturer Information