Lion Batteries - 880 Deep Cycle, 8V, 170Ah


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Conventional low maintenence deep cycle battery. Specifically designed for electric golf cart applications.


Volts: 8
Ah: 170
Length (mm): 264
Width (mm): 181
Height (mm): 245
Weight (kg): 29
Application: Golf Carts, Electric Vehicles
Warranty: 1 years

Additional Information

Designed for heavy duty cycling applications with a technologically advanced construction capable of withstanding repeated substantial discharges of up to 80% capacity. Vent plug accessibility allows for ongoing maintenance of electrolyte levels to achieve extended battery life. Conventional Deep Cycle batteries are manufactured with thicker plates and a denser Lead/Antimony material paste formula to add robustness for repeated cycling and to allow extended service life and increased cycling performance.
Suitable for Heavy Duty Recreational and 6, 8 and 12 volt Commercial applications including floor sweepers, scrubbers, pallet jacks, scissor lifts and other commercial equipment. Lion 880 and 870 are specifically designed for electric golf cart applications.

This is a direct high-performance replacement for the Trojan - T875 and in our experience outperforms the T875 by a significant margin.

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