Lion Batteries - HZB-EV6-180 (200Ah)


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AGM dual purpose battery (D10) and EV (electric vehicle) rated for frequent and heavy cyclic use.


Volts: 6
Ah: 200
Length (mm): 260
Width (mm): 181
Height (mm): 246
Weight (kg): 34.1
Application: Dual purpose
Warranty: 1 Year (private use)

Additional Information

Absorbed Glass Mat battery technology allows for a fully sealed battery design with active electrolyte held in an absorbed state between the plates and immobilised by a very fine fibreglass mat. The outcome is a Dual Purpose Deep Cycle battery with enhanced discharge and recharge efficiency, high resistance against vibration and leak proof non gassing benefits for safety, installation flexibility and peace of mind.
Lion AGM Marine batteries offer an excellent Dual Purpose battery power solution for applications which require engine starting capacity as well as cycling ability to power accessory needs and, being EV rated, are built to handle the deep and frequent cycling associated with electric vehicle applications.

Height - please note that the 246mm is to the top of the case. The height including the terminal bolts is 255mm.

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