Lion Batteries - HZY12-230 Heavy Duty Deep Cycle GEL Battery 263ah HZY-EV-12/230


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Heavy Duty Deep Cycle GEL Battery. Ideal for deep cycle usage in Marine or RV/Camper applications. One of the few EV rated gels on the market (denoting suitable for Electric Vehicle applications), these gel batteries are rated at 263ah capacity at a C20 discharge rate.


Volts: 12
Ah: 263
Length (mm): 521
Width (mm): 270
Height (mm): 205
Weight (kg): 74.5
Application: Cyclic
Warranty: 1 Year (private use)

Additional Information

Lion Gelled Electrolyte Deep Cycle Batteries are at the forefront of Deep Cycle technology. Designed specifically for demanding Deep Cycle applications, the integrity of Lion Gel Batteries is maintained even under extreme conditions.
Gel technology allows for a fully sealed battery design with active electrolyte held in a gel state with internal recombination of more than 99% of internally-produced gases. The battery is safe to use in gas sensitive applications such as motorhomes, boats and mobility equipment.
Lion Gel Deep Cycle Batteries are ideal for repeated cycling use and offer excellent performance over long and deep discharges.

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