Matson-Infinite 7 Stage Battery Charger 6v 12v 24v 20amp - IR61224


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Very good quality workshop charger for lead acid/gel/sla/agm/calcium batteries


Weight (kg): 2.4
Warranty: 1 year

Additional Information

This is a very high quality charger from Matson, capable of reconditioning and pulse-charge desulphation. It is also the make and model that we use, in our workshop, day in, day out, for faultless performance, reliability, and fully automatic operation with straightforward override.

Comes with battery clamps.


Model No IR61224
Type 7 Stage
Input 240VAC 50Hz
Output Voltage 6/12/24 Volt DC
Output current 6/12 Volt, 2/10/20 Amp. 24 Volt, 2/5/10 Amp. Selectable
Minimum Start Volt 1.5Volt
Desulphation High Frequency Pulse Charge (DEPENDENT ON DIAGNOSIS)
Soft Start Yes
Bulk Charge 14.1V (Gel), 14.7V (SLA), 15.1V (Calcium)
Absorption Constant voltage with automatic Amperage control
Equalization Automatic
Analysis Automatically detects faulty batteries. Error code signifies fault.
Recondition Constant current automatically varied
Float 13.7V
Deep Cycle 10 ~ 240 Ah
Automotive 150 CCA upwards
Dimensions 24.6x 14.6x 12.1cm
Manufacturer Information