US Battery Flooded Deep Cycle 6V 310Ah - US305S


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Made in the United States. Great alternative to the Lion CR-330 and Trojan 305.


Volts: 6
Ah: 310
Length (mm): 302
Width (mm): 181
Height (mm): 371
Weight (kg): 41
Application: Deep Cycle
Warranty: 1 Year

Additional Information

U.S. Battery is an industry leader in manufacturing deep cycle batteries specifically for: solar power, renewable energy, golf car batteries, marine, wind power, energy storage, sweeper batteries, scrubber batteries, automotive, flooded battery, deep cycle batteries, agm , sealed batteries, and most other uses for deep cycle batteries. U.S. Battery has been building flooded lead acid batteries since 1926, and has always put quality before quantity since the day our first battery rolled off the assembly line.