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Xtar MC1 Charger


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The XTAR MC1 is a single channel (1 cell) fully automatic lithium ion battery charger. Powered by the included 5VDC input USB cable the charger includes the following features:

  • Single cell charger for charging one 3.6V/3.7V lithium ion cell in sizes 10440, 14500, 14650, 16340, 17500, 17670, 18350, 18500, 18650, 18700, 22650, 25500, 26650
  • Algorithm based 3 stage TC/CC/CV charging system with 0V discharged cell wake-up function, soft charge start followed by constant current then constant voltage charging.
  • Reverse polarity, short circuit & overcharge protection.
  • IC Temperature monitoring.
  • CC (constant current stage) charging rate 500mA (+/-10mA). CV (constant voltage charging stage) 4.2V (+/-0.05V) cut-off current <40mA
  • 2 year repair warranty (when used according to specification & in normal conditions)


Length (mm): 92
Width (mm): 22
Height (mm): 26
Weight (kg): 0.5
Application: Battery Charger
Warranty: 2 Years