Customer Testimonials

Super Quality Workmanship

Really professional and super quality workmanship. I'm really fussy with the quality of work and these guys are the best I've seen in 15 years of car modifications. Highly recommended for any car power work.

Trent H - Sydney


Best Customer Service Ever

Constructing a 15 Meter Catamaran to survey requirements has been the biggest project and the greatest challenge that my wife and I have taken on.

Through this process we have dealt with many businesses and their people.

Our most common experience by far is that once the transaction has taken place and they have your money, customer service seems to magically disappear.

Clive Weatherhead and Battery Business are an exception to this rule.

After much research we decided to fit a lithium battery bank on our cat. After purchasing the lithium’s, Clive supplied us with a wiring diagram and his knowledge and advice seemed endless.

Living in Tasmania, distance and a lack of expertise was always going to make it difficult.

So we must say a big THANK YOU to Clive for his patience and exceptional customer service.

We are now lifelong customers of Battery Business and have no hesitation giving them our highest recommendations.

Claudia and Brian Wilson, Tasmania

"700km in less than 24 hours"

“Hi John

I must congratulate you and your company for the extremely prompt delivery of my new battery.

I received it yesterday morning, which is less than 24 hours from the time of order to delivery to my home, which is several hundred kilometres from your site, and has proven to me that you deserve recommendation to my friends.

Denis, NSW"

"The best power pack that I have seen"


The portable power pack, custom built by Battery Business, far surpasses all the performance expectations that I had.

The package contains two lithium batteries, a 240 volt inverter, jump start plugs, Anderson connectors, usb charging outputs, a light, a voltmeter and standard cigarette plug outlets. In one compact box, it weighs around 18kg, making it fully portable in one hand, yet with enough power to substitute for a full dual battery installation in my car.

By way of example, it ran my 65 litre Waeco CFX for 52 hours on full freeze, and was still reading 12.7 volts. I simply have never flattened the batteries.

I chose this power pack because of the difficulty, at the time, of installing a 2nd battery in my new Jeep Grand Cherokee. Although I know that you now have your own-designed custom battery tray for the Jeep, the portable pack is more versatile than an installed dual battery system. It charges fast in the car from my 12v socket, or at home, from a mains charger.

We’ve used the very best batteries, and you certainly get what you pay for. Thanks for designing and building this for me. It is, by far, the best power pack that I have seen.

John R – Sydney”



MOBI Yacht 'NIRIMBA' Association

"Hi Clive and the Team at Battery Business...

battery business

Just a  quick note of appreciation for your assistance and sound advice regarding our battery needs for The MOBI Yacht ‘Nirimba’...

In particular, Clive, for your ‘service beyond the call of duty’ in persevering with that stubborn nut on our old alternator, (especially as we bought the new alternator elsewhere,) we simply would not have had the facilities/ capability to do it onboard the yacht this Friday when we plan to reinstall both the batteries and the alternator into our heritage icon...

I’ll certainly be spreading the word about your helpful service and your wealth of specific (marine electrical) product knowledge at the RAN Sailing Association.

Just a couple of pics to show you where all your good work will be going...

Kind regards and thanks again"

Rick Pengilly

battery business

battery business



Battery Business Marine Power Solution Testimonial


"My wife and I have a 12-metre catamaran that we spend a lot of time on.

We tried a number of power solutions and all of them failed --- expensively. Battery Business was recommended to us.

Clive Weatherhead came aboard and spent the time necessary to understand not only our ship and its (ridiculously complex) systems, but also us and our lifestyle.

He convinced us to install a large solar array, change the battery management arrangement, and to make a considerable investment in lithium batteries.

I can say with conviction that Clive does what he says he will do. His pricing was fair to begin with and there has never had to be mention of our guarantee. Battery Business has a lifetime customer and dead-set advocate in me."

Graham Bauer