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At Battery Business we have deep technical knowledge of  motorcycle batteries and a huge range in stock. With us you get the right battery at the right price.

And that's why we're the largest supplier of motorbike batteries in the Sydney area.

Here are some common questions our customers ask

What brands and types of batteries do you stock?

We stock conventional lead acid batteries (accessible and maintenance free), glass mat (AGM), GEL and lithium batteries.

Our brands include Motobatt, Poweroad Yucell, Exide, Katana, Yuasa, Deka, Duracell and many others. Read more about our range of motorcycle batteries

How do I get the right bike battery?

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There are at least 60 different current motorcycle battery sizes... and that's without considering vintage bikes.

And to further complicate things... the manufacturers often change things like tray size mid-run.

This means that just knowing the name and model of your bike is not always enough information for us to be sure we give you the right battery.

So ideally?... come to our store - that way we can check your old battery and we'll help you install the right one. We'll also recycle your old battery for you. 


What if I can't make it to the store?

If you can look at your old battery and find the manufacturer and model number then we can generally supply you with the right sized battery over the phone. 

Why should I choose a better quality motorcycle battery?

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Motorbike batteries suffer hard treatment compared to car batteries.

In most cases people use their bikes less often and drive shorter distances. Also the charging systems are less robust than in cars.

All this is hostile treatment for the battery and reduces it's life.

And because of this there are certain brands of battery we won't sell because they simply aren't up to the job. 

You get what you pay for.

Don't think for a minute that you can buy a cheap motorbike battery and expect it to last for years... it won't happen. 

It makes no sense to spend $35,000 on a beautiful Ducati and then baulk at the extra $30 for a quality, reliable battery. 

How experienced is Battery Business with motorcycle batteries?

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The members of our team have fitted 1000s of motorcycle batteries between them over several decades. We know which battery to fit to which bike taking into account how you use your bike. 

We take the time to test your battery and altenator first to make sure you need a new battery.

So, for example, we'll never use a wet battery in a Ducati Monster because the battery is very close to the cylinder heads and the electrolyte in a wet battery would expand and leak.

Whereas in vintage motorcycles we'll often have to fit a wet battery, particularly if the bike has a dynamo rather than an alternator. 

We recently resolved a long-stranding problem in Harley Davidson with a very high performance S&S tuned engine. The standard battery could, literally, only start the engine 6 times before the battery poles burned out.

We worked with the owner to select the right battery to deliver the power need to start this particular engine. We also worked with him on the starter motor selection and engine timing in order to get bike to start and run sweetly. Happy Days!

Will you charge me to fit my battery?

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If your battery replacement is simple we're happy to help you replace it free of charge in store.

If your bike needs a complicated strip down we'll agree a labour price up front with you before we start work. 

Do you stock batteries for vintage motorcycles?

Yes we have a huge stock of lead acid batteries for vintage motocycles.

Often we have a battery which is decades old but still in it's original dry state (ie it's essentially new until we pour the acid into it.) So if you're restoring a Norton, Harley Davidson or BSA call us - can certainly supply you with a battery that will fit and we might even have an authentic original in mint condition!

Why are your prices so low?

Our prices are low because we have huge buying power thanks to high turnover.

For low low prices with old fashioned service - call us today on 02 9970 6999