Phone Batteries

 Mobile Phone Batteries

We stock batteries for the most popular mobile phones and PDAs, as well as the batteries needed to run the cordless phones around your house.

 We also stock the “bonded-in” batteries for iPhones, iPods and the like, as well as add-on batteries that connect seamlessly with your iPhone4 or 5 to double the battery life.

Before we change a battery, though, we can also test the old one (for free, of course) and we offer a reconditioning service that can help restore and prolong the life of a tired battery – and we only charge if successful.

Phone Charging Systems 

We stock chargers, and charge adaptors, to handle a huge range of phones, game devices and PDAs. 

So if you need an extra charger, a car adaptor, a replacement charger or a device that can charge several different phones as well as the children’s toys, come and see us, or give us a call