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Battery Business stocks ready-to-install dual battery systems for your trailer, caravan or weekend-warrior.

We also stock the components, if you wants to build your own system. So if you need a quality deep cycle battery, a voltage sensitive relay, or an Anderson plug, come and see us.

We offer deep techincal knowledge - we know batteries and RV power systems like the back of our hands... call your local store to chat to an expert.

Our RV Power Services:

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Free-Camping Power Solutions

We take great care when we design your free camping power system because we know how important for you to be sure you have reliable power.

With RV and Caravan battery systems we consider things like where you are heading, how long you want to be off grid, your vehicle type, how much battery space you have, space for wind generators and solar panels and your budget.

Caravan battery and charger choices will depend on your requirements for fridges, lights, music, TV and specialist items like sleep apnoea devices.

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Solenoid or voltage sensitive relay (VSR) setups allow the full power of your alternator through to the secondary battery when the relay closes. Alternatively CTEK, Redarc or Matson DC to DC chargers will deliver a full pulse/trickle charge to get optimum performance from your secondary battery.

We can install your RV battery system to include solar and wind generators now or in the future. We can give you the wiring diagrams and the DIY kit components or do the full installation for you.

In most cases we have the batteries and parts in stock and can get your work done within a few days.

We install systems 7 days a week.

Deep Cycle Batteries 

We often have to explain the difference between deep cycle batteries and cranking batteries.

When you need a lot of power quickly to start your car you need a cranking battery. But cranking batteries can't cope with being deeply discharged. If you use it to power your fridge and get a flat battery and it will never fully recover.

Deep cycle batteries are designed to have lots more power drained from them. They don't get damaged by deep discharge and are ideal for running things like lights, fridges and fans.

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For RV and camping applications you need an AGM, GEL or lithium battery so there is no discharge and the battery is safe to use in living accommodation.

We stock Lion and RocketFullriver, Lifeline, Optima, Duracell deep cycle batteries - you can be sure whatever your battery needs - we have the solution.

Portable Power Solutions

Our Matson Powerbox has a 10amp circuit breaker, battery condition indicator, external connectors, 12 volt plug connector, mounting hardware and tie-down straps.

Put in a deep cycle battery, add a trickle charger to keep it ready to go, and you have a powerpack that can go with you to power lights, a fridge, entertainment systems, and can also stand in as a jump-start unit if you need it.

The best place to start is a phone call to one of the Battery Business team - we love talking batteries and we'd love to help you break free.