Laptop Batteries

At Battery Business we supply Acer, Samsung, Asua, Apple, Fujitsu, Compaq, and Toshiba laptop batteries. In other words... if your laptop battery is flat we can replace it for you.

We also offer a huge range of laptop chargers.

Our stock is delivered daily, so whilst we can’t promise to have every computer battery in stock, we can generally get it within 24 hours.

If your laptop is not holding its charge call your local Battery Business store with the latop or previous battery model number, and we'll arrange for your new battery to be waiting for you in store.

Why can I buy cheaper laptop batteries online?

If you shop online you can often buy a laptop battery for $30.

It will be a cheap import with no warranty which will last 3 months. It will also contain no protection circuits and so is at risk of going feral like this one. 

Our laptop batteries cost us more wholesale than these online batteries sell for retail. Or batteries use Japanese cells to deliver lasting service, and we warrant them for 12 months.

Call your local Battery Business store to order a safe, high quality battery with a warranty.