Car Batteries

Quality Car Batteries - Free Fitting 7 Days - Low Low Prices

At Battery Business, we carry a huge stock of conventional, sealed maintenance free and absorbed glass mat (AGM) and Lithium car batteries from respected manufacturers.

All fitted FREE 7 days a week.

And all BELOW recommended retail price!

For every day motoring we generally fit Lion, Delkor or our own EcoPower batteries because they are reliable and great value.

We often drop Duracell batteries into BMWs and Mercs because they can cope with the heavy electrical requirements of luxury cars. 

battery business aston martin

For our 4WD enthusaists heading to the Simpson Desert Optima batteries are the common choice.  

We have huge experience with dual battery installations

For performance and racing cars we stock Odyssey, Fullriver Hardcore and we supply some specialist gear for some of the electirc formula racing where people are constructing their own battery banks.

It's our job to know what battery is right for you. We also know a quality battery when we see it - we make sure you don't buy a pup.

We also stock CTEK car battery chargers and our batteries come with free advice on how to charge and maintain your car battery to keep it on perfect condition.


The Battery Business Difference

  • Quality Batteries

    We only stock high quality batteries. Our batteries are made using quality engineering techniques in well respected factories. Thanks to our high turnover stock is fresh.
  • We repair you old car battery if we can

    Sometimes your car battery is fine and the reason it's not charging is a faulty alternator... we test your your battery and bring it back to life if we can. We can also test and fix your alternator.
  • We recommend the right battery for your needs

    We recommend the right car battery for you. It's our speciality - we research the market and bring you the best of the best. 
  • We fit your battery free of charge or give you full fitting instructions

    Come to our Battery Business Base in Warriewood and we'll fit your new car battery free of charge for you 7 days - no appointment needed.

    Or if you live on Sydney's Northern Beaches we offer free mobile car battery replacement. If you want to DIY we'll explain how when you pick your battery up.
  • Below Retail Prices

    And on top of our great quality and free fitting 7 days... All our quality batteries are sold at BELOW retail prices.

We love to talk batteries - call us on 02 9970 6999 - or drop by for a chat

Battery Business really is the one stop shop for ALL your car battery needs! 


How do you know if a car battery is good quality?

car wont start

Car batteries are not just batteries.

The plastic case can contain anything from a carefully engineered plate structure with top quality components and fluids... through to an equally carefully concealed, badly made, cheap and cheerful rack of low quality lead and impurities!

Today, they'll both start your car, and they probably both come with a good warranty.

The difference will only become apparent in a few months or even a year or so, when the cheap battery has deteriorated quickly, doesn't put a lot of effort into starting your car, and eventually... up the ghost in a car park when you return with the Christmas shopping and children that want their dinner or you're miles from anywhere with no phone reception.

The cheapest battery is about much use as the cheapest brain surgeon or the cheapest brake pad.

The battery sits under your bonnet in hot and nasty conditions for years, doing a wonderful job of running your car electrics for what amounts to a couple of dollars per month of battery life. It's one of those places where saving a few bucks will almost always come back to bite!

So we've done the Homework for you

  • We replace batteries every day, so we know, based on the age and condition of the ones we take out, which are good, and which are poor quality.
  • We know who fits the right battery, who just fits the nearest thing they have to hand, and we see some horrors - both in terms of battery choice and the way it has been fitted!
  • If we stock a battery, it is because we are confident of the quality, the value for money and we know and trust the people that make and supply our batteries. 


Battery Business Car Battery Range

Everyday great Value Car Batteries

Our EcoPower Batteries

EcoPower is our own Battery Business value-for-money everyday car battery.

Key Features of Eco Power Batteries

Whether you need a cheap battery for a Commodore or a 70ZZ for a Landcruiser, EcoPower delivers excellent quality at low cost.


The Lion Car Battery Range

lion car batteries

Lion car batteries are ideal for every day motorists looking for reliability and value.

Key Features of Lion Batteries

Read more about Lion Car Batteries here

Delkor Car Batteries

lion car batteries

Delkor Batteries are another great value, reliable battery for everyday motoring.

Key Features of Delkor Batteries

Read more about Delkor Car Batteries

Premium Car Batteries

Duracell Car Batteries

Duracell Batteries are a premium battery ideal for the high loads required by today's luxury cars.

Key Features of Duracell Batteries

More about Duracell Car Batteries


Optima Car Batteries

optima car batteries

Optima Batteries are a premium battery ideal for off road and demanding applications.

Key Features of Optima Batteries

More about Optima Car Batteries

Performance and Racing Car Batteries

Odyssey Car Batteries

Odyssey car batteries

Odyssey Batteries are a premium product and the number one name in racing batteries.

Key Features of Odyssey Batteries

Read more about Odyssey car batteries


Fullriver Hardcore Batteries

fullriver hardcore car batteries

Fullriver Hardcore Batteries ideal for performance vehicles and when you need a lot of power... fast

Key Features of Fullriver hardcore

Read more about Fullriver Hardcore Batteries

When you choose Battery Business for your car battery, you are backed by a service commitment, 7 days a week, a wholesaler with 80 years in the business, a 30 year relationship with a premium quality manufacturer...

...and a stock that is large enough to ensure that we sell you the right battery, not the nearest thing that we have in stock.


Battery Testing

Try our free battery testing service, at our workshop and from our fleet of vans. We can tell you, and show you, whether your current battery is in peak condition, under the weather but recoverable, or beyond redemption.

It’s a quick process and costs you nothing.

Car Battery Service

car battery service

We love to talk batteries! Call us on 02 9970 6999 to chat about your battery needs and the best option for you.

Normally we can supply, from stock, a choice of at least 3 different battery models, and we’ll recommend the right battery for your personal needs.

We'll also help with specialist applications, like high performance batteries for competition vehicles, or shoehorning a large battery into a small space:

Battery Fitting Service

We offer a professional car battery fitting service or mobile car battery replacement service 7 days. If you want to know how to change a car battery head here

battery business

Car Battery Chargers

Once you have a top quality battery from us you want to keep it in top condition. We're here to help. Not all car battery chargers are created equally.

We explain what to look for in a charger so you get the best possible life span from your battery.

We are authorised dealers for CTEK battery chargers

We also explain how to maintain your car battery, how to charge your car battery.


Peace of mind is all part of the Battery Business service.

We extend a full warranty on any car battery purchased from us and used in a private vehicle and, in some cases, we extend a longer warranty than the manufacturer's original.

Our batteries are designed and built to do their job for several years, and we want you to know that when you turn the key, you can rely on a Battery Business battery.

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