High Performance


Optima Batteries are well-known for their distinctive Spiralcell Technology - tightly compressed polar plates, absorbed glass mat construction and high purity lead (99.99% pure) deliver very low self discharge (longer shelf life without charging), strong resistance to heat (outlasting traditional batteries by up to 2 times) and up to 15 times more vibration resistance than a standard flat plate battery.



Available in RED TOP (high cranking power), YELLOW TOP (cranking and cycling) and BLUE TOP (marine and recreational vehicle cranking and cycling), Optimas are a a great choice for tough environments and demanding applications. We often install them in taxis, ambulances, off-road vehicles and heavy commercial situations, where they are more than capable of earning their stripes. Optima is a product that people ask for by name, especially when they have used Optima Batteries before. They are sealed, spill proof, robust and very, very reliable. 






Fullriver is a specialist manufacturer of dry batteries, and the Fullriver reputation for deep cycle AGM batteries reaches around the world - especially in the marine and recreational vehicle environment. Since the turn of the century, though, Fullriver has also been working on a cranking AGM, culminating in the Fullriver Hardcore High-Crank (HC) range. These yellow batteries deliver impressive starting power and match it with very high reserve capacity. Think of a racing car operating without an alternator - where the battery has to provide starting power and then continue to deliver all the power for the ignition system and all the accessory systems for an entire race, without any charging input. Tough job...which is where Fullriver HC batteries are establishing their capability. 


This specialist battery is also available in a range of sizes to suit popular road-going and marine applications. Particularly suited to performance vehicles, exotics and highly tuned environments - the Fullriver HC battery is built for superior conductivity - which translates into fast power delivery, fast charging capability, deep discharge recoverability and the durability and endurance to handle highly demanding applications.










The distinctive Odyssey red, black and orange batteries have a huge reputation for reliable power delivery and extreme durability. Totally maintenance free and built to give maximum surface area exposure inside the battery, Odyssey batteries have a global fan base in performance, modified, classic and competition vehicles. Typical service life is 3 to 10 years, but we know of people that have left their Odyssey battery for a couple of years without using or charging it, without any sign of harm, and others that have had well over a decade of useful life. Battery Business provides Odyssey batteries to order, so call us, first, so that we can bring in your battery fresh, usually within 24 hours.