AGM Batteries

What are AGM Batteries?

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AGM batteries are lead acid but unlike in conventional batteries electrolyte is stored in glass matting between the plates. This means the battery is leak-proof and does not vent. 

Why Choose an AGM battery?

What about Price?

AGM batteries are a premium product at a premium price. Expect to pay 25-50% over maintenance free batteries for the equivalent power.

In most cases though, the improved performance and greater longevity will mean the cost per day is lower over the life of the battery.

The Battery Business Range

At Battery Business we have a huge range of quality AGM batteries in stock - all at very competitive prices.

For example we stock Lion, DryPower, Optima, Odyssey, Fullriver, Lifeline, Panasonic, Duracell and Deka AGM Batteries. 

We give advice about and install AGMs 7 days a week. We have huge experience with AGMs in applications like luxury cars, 4WD and dual battery applications, marine use, RV and caravans

Charging AGM Batteries

It's important to choose the correct charger for your battery - it must have an AGM setting on it as they need to be charged at a sightly lower voltage. The wrong charger will damage your battery.

As with everything you get what you pay for - a quality charger will sense the resistance from battery and modify of charge it gives to try to squeeze as much charge in as possible. Read more about battery chargers here

Contact your local Battery Business Store to chat to one of our technical team about the right batteries for your needs.