Golf Cart Batteries

Golf Batteriesgold cart batteries

Battery Business carries a stock of sealed, maintenance-free batteries for golf carts. We carry Panasonic and Lion absorbed glass mat batteries, GelTec and Sonnenschein gel batteries, as well as DryPower AGM batteries that typically pack about 10% extra capacity into the standard battery case sizes.

All our hand-cart batteries are sealed for life and easy to handle, in a range of sizes, and they usually come with a FREE carry bag. 

Come and see us and we’ll show you a “27 hole” battery that’ll give you a bit more capacity than the original, but will still fit into the holder on your cart.

We’ll also be delighted to change over the charging fittings if your cart has a proprietary system, and we can also test (and perhaps recondition) your current battery to get more life (or a few more holes each round) out of it.

We can also test, advise on and supply battery chargers that will keep your golf batteries in peak condition and ready to go and, if your current charger appears to be damaging your batteries, we can probably tell you why!

For the ultimate in lightweight power sources, Battery Business can advise on, and supply, lithium batteries and charging systems. For ride-on carts, long range applications and other special circumstances, Battery Business is a major supplier of Lion, Trojan and Interstate batteries designed for this purpose, and we are delighted to carry out cart modifications, if required, to accomodate a special battery setup.

For hand carts lithum batteries are ideal because of their light weight and high power. The best way to get the right advice is to contact your local store and chat to one of our technical team.

battery business golf cart battery

Golf Buggy Batteries

Battery Business can supply the batteries that you need for your golf cart. We carry a wide range of 6, 8 and 12 volt "flooded" deep cycle batteries, including the very strong Lion 820 and 830 (260 and 240 amp hour respectively) which are a direct replacement in terms of size, and a substantial upgrade in terms of capacity, for the typical OEM battery.

We can also supply Trojan, Fullriver and a number of other premium brands, and we are used to advising on whether wet batteries, absorbed glass mat (AGM) or gels would be most suitable for you.

Whether the cart is just running short sooner than usual, needs one or a bank of replacement batteries, or even a full installation with a self-watering system, Battery Business can help.

Golf Cart Battery Chargers

We can also supply chargers and charging systems, usually  from stock, for 12 volt, 24 volt, 36 volt and 48 volt setups, including units from Ctek, Durst, Matson and DeltaQ.

Call us 7 days on 02 9970 6999...there's no golf for the wicked!

battery business golf cart battery

battery business golf cart battery