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At Battery Business we stock batteries for everything from hearing aids to 10 tonne trucks, ferries and helicopters. 

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We also stock all battery accessories like battery chargers and inverters for every application you can imagine. 

But we don't just stock batteries. 

We also excel in all battery related services

and we have huge experience with

And we offer a mobile battery fitting service for cars, forklifts and mobility scooters

All Car Batteries

At Battery Business, we carry a huge stock of conventional, sealed maintenance free and absorbed glass mat (AGM) and Lithium car batteries from respected manufacturers.

All fitted FREE 7 days a week and all BELOW recommended retail price!

We stock quality brands like Lion, Delkor,  DuracellOptima,  Odyssey, Fullriver Hardcore

It's our job to know what battery is right for you. We also know a quality battery when we see it - we make sure you don't buy a pup.

We also stock CTEK car battery chargers and many other brands of charger, and our batteries come with free advice on how to charge and maintain your car battery to keep it on perfect condition.


Deep Cycle Batteries

At Battery Business we spend 7 days a week recommending and installing deep cycle battery systems.

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We stock Lion and Rocket, Trojan, Fullriver, Lifeline, Optima, Duracell, Sonnenschein and Drypower deep cycle batteries - you can be sure whatever your battery needs - we have the solution.

Most people find the best way to make a smart choice is to call us on 02 9970 6999 and get some advice from one of our technical team. And if you want to read up on deep cycle batteries you'll find heaps of useful information here


Marine Battery Installation

We have extensive experience and understanding of marine power problems. We’ve set up yachts for round the world cruising, installed simple charging systems in small power boats and done all sorts of jobs, simple and complex, in between.

We fully test your existing marine batteries to ensure they are the problem. (Often it’s the charger not the battery at fault). We design and install custom marine power systems. We consider your power requirements, existing system, space, lifestyle and budget then design the right system for you.

Read more about our experience with marine power solutions

Got battery questions? Your best bet is to contact your local Battery Business Store and talk to one of our technical team.