Dual Battery Installations

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Dual Battery Installations - Quality at the Right Price

Heading off road?...

You and your vehicle will go through some extreme environments together.

Your car has to withstand extreme temperatures, severe conditions - sand, water, vibration - whatever you choose to throw at it.

At Battery Business we want you to have a fantastic adventure with your safety and vehicle reliability as our top priority.

Our dual battery installations include:

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Go off-road with confidence with Battery Business

Planning to do your own dual battery installation?

If you’ve got the practical skills and tools for the installation, we’ll build you a kit – everything from battery tray to fuses and cables – and if you spend $750 or more on a kit for your car, we’ll provide a wiring diagram relevant for your vehicle as part of the package!

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Dual battery system design

We take great care when we design your dual battery system.

We consider things like where you are heading, your vehicle type, how much battery space you have and your budget.

Battery and charger choices will depend on your requirements for fridges, lights, music, TV and specialist items like sleep apnoea devices.

Solenoid or voltage sensitive relay (VSR) setups allow the full power of your alternator through to the secondary battery when the relay closes. Alternatively CTEK, Intervolt, Redarc and other DC to DC chargers will deliver a full pulse/trickle charge to get optimum performance from your secondary battery. The choice is driven, to a great degree, by the type of alternator on your vehicle. Standard (older) alternators allow more choice, whereas temperature compensating alternators (most recent Toyotas, for example) require one sort of DC to DC charger, and ECU controlled alternators (many recent vehicles) demand something else, often with an ignition trigger to tell them when to work. It's our job to know what your options are, and also what will work best for you. A tradie running a fridge in his ute might be better with a voltage sensitive relay, because it can dump power into the 2nd battery more quickly - important if daily drive times are small and the fridge is on all day. Someone using the fridge only for holidays and long drives might be better with a DC to DC charger, which will squeeze more into a battery over a longer run time.  

The location of the DC to DC unit is also critical. Some makes won't ever function properly under a bonnet, the heat issue varies between makes and models of car, and some units are best positioned in front of the radiator, not behind it.

Need a dashboard display of what is going on with the batteries? That'll change the options a bit as well. As will a bluetooth system to send battery information and alerts straight to your smartphone. 

We can install your system to include solar now or in the future. We can give you the dual battery wiring diagrams or do the full installation for you.

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In most cases we have the batteries and parts in stock and can get your work done within a few days.

We install systems 7 days a week.

Call us on 02 9970 6999 to arrange a FREE quote or call in to our Warriewood store. We always want to see you, and the vehicle, when we quote - we will NEVER quote without seeing you face to face and working over the vehicle with you. We might not be cheapest, because we don't let inexperienced staff and apprentices do these critical installations, but we do know you won't be disappointed with our work, or what you pay for it and, when you need your system most, it'll be working. You'll get what you pay for.

Our work

This photo above shows a triple battery installation in a Land Cruiser involving lithium and glass mat batteries with programmable relays - a really complex and high-end install, with solar input, feeds off to a further lithium battery bank, etc etc!

The owner enjoys long desert trips in comfort, with different batteries doing their own jobs, and working together when needed.

We are very proud of our great reputation for great quality work. We design and install dual battery systems the way we would on our own vehicles.  

NO short-cuts. NO cover-ups, NO cheap labour and zero tolerance for shoddy work. If we find something we don't like, we will tell you, and fix it on your instructions.

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For example we’ll spend 4 hours pulling cables through the chassis rail on a desert vehicle, and we'll craft battery trays from sheet metal for specialist applications.

We also love this photo showing the solar panels we installed on a Troopie. This 4WD does some serious work and is completely self-sufficient from a DC energy point of view even when the vehicle is not being driven.

Call us on 02 9970 6999 to arrange a FREE quote for your dual battery installation or call in to one of our stores. We always insist on meeting you, and seeing your vehicle, before we quote. Someone phoning around for the cheapest quote probably isn't serious about the work that needs doing and the choices they can make. A battery can be $250 or $500, a DC to DC unit can be $250 or $500, cabling could be 6mm or 6 gauge - one is 2.5 times the size of the other, it takes longer to run cables through a chassis, the fitter can be a new apprentice or the business owner with 40 years experience, and so it goes on. If you don't meet us, there's no way you can judge whether we can do a great job and, if we don't meet you and your vehicle, there's no way we can design and recommend the ideal options and end solution. 

And, if you want to know why people choose us, the following reference from one of our customers says it all:

Really professional and super quality workmanship. I'm really fussy with the quality of work and these guys are the best I've seen in 15 years of car modifications. Highly recommended for any car power work. Trent H - Sydney

That, to be frank, is exactly how someone should feel after they have paid for someone to work on their car. Anything else is just a compromise.