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Whatever your marine DC power problems, we have the experience, team and equipment to solve them.

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Battery Business Marine Power Solution Testimonial

battery business

"My wife and I have a 12-metre catamaran that we spend a lot of time on.

We tried a number of power solutions and all of them failed --- expensively. Battery Business was recommended to us.

Clive Weatherhead came aboard and spent the time necessary to understand not only our ship and its (ridiculously complex) systems, but also us and our lifestyle.

He convinced us to install a large solar array, change the battery management arrangement, and to make a considerable investment in lithium batteries.

He also provided a remarkably detailed written guarantee that the system would do what he said it would do. The upshot is a system that powers what is virtually a three-bedroom apartment with minimum use of our generator and a weight saving of a half-tonne.

In a number of areas, we were breaking new ground and at the outset it did not all work as advertised. So Clive came back, and back, and back. He did not for a moment make us feel like this was an imposition on him.

Eventually, he discovered an anomaly that could only be rectified by installing two more top-end lithium batteries at a retail cost of about $5,000. I offered to go him halves or better but he insisted on the enhancement at NIL expense to us.

I can say with conviction that Clive does what he says he will do. His pricing was fair to begin with and there has never had to be mention of our guarantee. Battery Business has a lifetime customer and dead-set advocate in me."

Graham Bauer


Battery Business Marine Battery Range

battery business marine battery solutions

Our extensive range of marine batteries includes premium Conventional, Sealed Maintenance Free, Valve-regulated Lead Acid, GEL Recreational batteries and lithium battery technology to suit demanding and diverse Marine applications.

Lion and Rocket US Battery
Delkor Varta
Fullriver Geltech
Lifeline Federal Batteries
Interstate Braille
Bosch ACDelco
Optima Trojan
Duracell Sonnenschein


A few words about Marine Batteries generally

  • Car batteries are NOT boat batteries
    Marine batteries are built to withstand marine conditions – the cells, the construction and even the basic design should be different.
  • Starting (aka "cranking") batteries are for starting
    They like to deliver a burst of power and then be recharged by the alternator. They are not designed to be deep-cycled, so if you like to run appliances, lights etc without the motor or something else recharging the battery, or if your bilge-pump operates whenever it needs to, a starting battery isn’t the right choice.
  • Starting batteries shouldn’t ever be run flat
    If it happens 3 or 4 times, the battery is on its way out. The only question is “how soon?”
  • Serviceable (flooded) batteries can last very well... can maintenance-free, absorbed glass mat and gel batteries. A lot depends on the quality of charger, and the way the battery is used.
  • Amongst deep-cycle batteries, gels can generally be cycled to a lower state of charge than AGMs or “wet” batteries
    This means that a gel with less amps can still deliver the same amount of use as a larger capacity traditional battery between charges
  • Gels and AGMs can tolerate a non-vertical lifestyle...
    ...and can be laid on their side if space dictates. Standard “flooded” and maintenance free batteries need to be upright nearly all the time
  • Gel batteries like to be charged at 13.8 volts or lower
    AGMs like 14.4 volts or lower.
    If your boat's charging system was designed to deliver a higher voltage, have a chat with us before choosing a gel or AGM battery, because the charging system may "cook" the batteries.
  • Batteries with high cold-cranking amps (CCA) are good for starting engines
    Deep cycle batteries often have lower CCA figures but are happy to be discharged (cycled). It’s a compromise, sometimes, if you just use one battery, but there are good compromises about.
  • A battery manufacturer can get higher CCA out of a battery by using thinner plates in the cells
    This gives more surface area exposed to acid. Thinner plates = a less robust battery (see the first three points above).
  • The world is full of great ideas to get better battery performance
    We've heard of people using cranking batteries for deep cycle because "they seem to charge quicker", through to all sorts of things being dropped into battery cells to "improve" the electrolyte - here there be dragons!
  • The right battery or batteries for your boat is a great long-term investment
    Ask anyone who has been stranded at sea or had a flat battery on a beautiful Saturday morning.


At Battery Business we want to make sure that we have the right battery for you, when you need it, which is why we carry a wide range of high quality marine batteries. If you want to learn more about the different types of marine battery, click here

Marine Battery Chargers

Marine battery charging is quite a science the right battery and charger combination is crucial to success.

We supply chargers that trickle away at 750mah right through to units that handle several batteries at once, are PC programmable, and deliver 100amps of charging capability to handle banks of 200amp plus batteries. We carry Ctek, Durst, Sterling Pro-charge, Enerdrive and Xantrex boat battery chargers. Read more about marine battery chargers

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