Electric Bike

Electric Bikes

Many Australians have already got to grips with the range and flexibility of electric bikes - and we're spoilt for choice in terms of bikes, kits and price points.

There are a few key issues:

The battery and charging choices can be a challenge. We are often asked to look at a battery pack or charger for someone who has purchased off the internet, imported something themselves, or bought from a dealer that has, since, disappeared. In many cases, the battery pack is only good for scrap, it can't be repacked, One, recently, was so dangerous that it wasn't even transportable, and had to be made safe on the spot and then sent for Environmental Agency approved disposal. Had it exploded under the rider's seat, he would have needed more than a dusting of talcum powder to put things right!

But...there is some really good stuff out there, and Battery Business makes a point of testing and approving anything that we sell. In other words, if we sell it, we'd be happy to buy it and own it ourselves. Whether you are buying a conversion kit, a new electric bike or a replacement battery, Battery Business can help make sure that you get the right product at the right price, and also help you avoid the risk of buying sub-standard cells, flimsy gear and unapproved rubbish.

What we sell:

At the moment, we're happy with two units, and so we sell them with confidence that you'll be happy too.

  • The first, from ebikeit, is a conversion kit for your current (non-electric) bike. It comes in 4 wheel sizes, 20, 24, 26 and 700, and basically you get a wheel (with a clever brushless electric motor in the hub), new brake assemblies, battery, charger, speed controller, digital display and wiring, some instructions and, for an hour or so of tinkering, and $1250, you get a nice electric assist system for your bike that really works, transitions smoothly, and takes much of the hard work out of the nastier bits of cycling. For another $100, we'll install the kit on your bike. We'll need it for a few hours, and will return it working the way it should.
  • The second, from Mondia, is the Cavalier Folding ebike. We sell this in the black (high range) and the white (standard range) models. The Cavalier meets all relevant Australian standards and EN15194. It can be pedalled like an ordinary bike or switched to 3 speed power assist for riding up to 18km/hr. It comes with front and rear lights, half folds in 1 second, and fully folds in 10 seconds - perfect to fit into the back of a car. Range is typically up to 65km on the standard model, and up to 80km on the high capacity model (speed and power are, otherwise, the same). Fitted with Tektro disc brakes, the highly respected Aikema motor, and waterproof connections on the Hobat controller, the Cavalier is a very high quality product, with pricing around $1550 to $1750 depending on specification.
  •  One other thing, the battery pack, lockable bracket, charger and handlebar display unit for the Cavalier are also sold, as a package, for people who want to upgrade the battery system on their electirc bike. The batteries are packed with high quality NCR or Panasonic cells for optimum run time and performance, and are a major step up from most of the poor quality battery packs that we see being sold on-line. For $500 upwards, you'll get a very nice power package that might, just, bring the joy back into your electric bike ownership.  


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