Wind Generators and Wind Energy

What's the story with wind generators?

A wind generator is a wonderful thing, producing power 24 hours a day, no nasty pollution, easy to install, very little maintenance, and the joy of getting something for nothing, once your original investment is out of the way. 

There are some important considerations, of course:

We've got a few things that we look for in a wind turbine, and our preferred model is the Superwind SW350.

Uncompromising Quality:

• High output, low noise
• 350 W at 25 knots (12,5 m/s)
• Maximum safety
• Pitch controlled rotor blades
• Cut in wind speed: 7 knots (3,5 m/s)
• Cut out wind speed: none
• Innovative design
• Compact dimensions
• Saltwater proof materials
• Neodymium magnets
• No vibration, no fuss
• Easy and quick to install
• Zero Maintenance Design
• Durable trouble free energy
• 3 years limited warranty
• Available World Wide
• Made in Germany

The Superwind 350 is a proven stand-alone wind generator
for autonomous and unattended operation. It is designed for a
wide range of rugged applications and can also easily be
integrated into wind & solar PV hybrid systems.

Made entirely from high grade materials - saltwater proof aluminium, stainless chromium steel, carbon fibre reinforced plastics, permanent neodymium magnets and a brushless motor.

Typical Applications:

• Sailing yachts
• Navigational aids
• Traffic information systems
• Measurement and transmitting systems
• Telecommunication
• Cottages
• Mountain lodges
• Rural electrification

Technical Data:

Rated power 350 W
Rated wind speed 25 knots (12.5 m/s)
Cut-in wind speed 7 knots (3.5 m/s)
Cut-out wind speed none
Rotor diameter 1.22 m
Number of blades 3
Rotor blade material CFRP
Rotor speed 500 - 1300 rpm
Generator Permanent magnets
Magnets Neodymium
Voltage 12 VDC / 24 VDC / 48 VDC
Connection Charge regulator
Speed control Passive pitch control
Power control Passive pitch control
Main brake electro dynamic
Nacelle weight 11.5 kg

Charge Curve

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