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At Battery Business we stock carries a huge range of quality digital camera batteries and video camera batteries - all at low low prices.

If you've got a Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, Nikon or Pentax camera - we've got a battery for it.  

We get daily deliveries - so we can easily get you a battery quickly and cheaply for something more unusual -  if you have a camera from the 1960s that you love to use, let us find you a battery for it! You might be very pleasantly surprised at the cost!

Is your Camera Eating Batteries Too Quickly?

camera battery charger

If you take a lot of photos you might find rechargable batteries are a great solution.

We also supply eneloop batteries for cameras that take AA or AAA cells.

With Eneloop technology, Sanyo has delivered the rechargeable solution that DSLR users have needed for a long time, to avoid the expense of disposable lithium cells.

Battery Business can supply Eneloop Batteries and charging solutions that can deliver a freshly charged, high-capacity pack in as little as 60 minutes and, with a typical lifecycle of 1500 charges, and very low self-discharge profiles (eg 75% of full charge remaining after a year), Eneloops are a smart investment for photographers that use AA or AAA cells.

Also see our blog for battery maintenance tips


Need A Camera Battery Charger? 

Want to charge more than one camera battery at once? Lost or broken charger?

Travelling with several cameras and don’t want to carry several chargers to go with them?

Talk to us about universal camera battery chargers which can cope with many different cameras and batteries, and can be extended to your next new camera for less than $5.

Our enecharger range can accommodate diverse charging needs, without adding extra kg to your luggage (or lifting surplus kg from your wallet).

Contact your local Battery Business store to chat about the best solution for you