Ctek Battery Chargers

Ctek battery chargers are a quality chargers that safely extend the life of your battery. If you've spent good money on a good battery it's worth looking after it!

ctek battery chargers

The most important feature of a battery charger is that it reaches the right voltage. 

If voltage is too high, your battery boils. The battery is then unusable because high acid concentration and overheating damage the internal components.

If voltage is too low, your battery does not fully charge and loses more and more capacity until it gradually it fails.

Ctek chargers are intelligent

They check how much charge your battery needs and then deliver exactly the right amount keeping your battery in perfect condition.

So if you plug your car battery into Ctek trickle charger overnight every couple of weeks you will dramatically extend its life. 

We recycle several tonnes of failed batteries every week. 70-80% of these would still be in use if they had been correctly charged!

We stock the complete range of Ctek chargers ideal for vintage and regular cars, motorcycles, mobility scooters, golf buggies, marine power solutions, dual battery installations and RV use.

Some key questions to help you choose the right Ctek charger

How big is the battery?

Battery size is measured in Ah. So your car battery might be 75Ah and depending on how much power your car uses we might recommend a Ctek MS 3.6, MXS 5.0 or MXS 7.0. A motorcycle battery would only be 20Ah and you would need a XS 0.8. 

What use does the battery get?

If you often deeply discharge your batteries - for example in marine and off road applications - you need a larger charger.

How quickly do you need your battery charged?

If you need really fast charging you need a larger charger. The quality of the charging is the same.  

Visit or phone your local Battery Business store and we'll help you make the right choice. 

Key Features of Ctek battery chargers

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Battery Business are an authorised Ctek distributor

  • You can be confident that our chargers are genuine
  • To make this very clear... we do NOT sell grey imports
  • Our chargers come with a full Ctek year warranty
  • For your peace of mind... this warranty is honored by any other authorised Ctek distributor

To chat about the right Ctek charger for your car call us on 02 9970 6999


More technical detail

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And if you want more technical detail about Ctek battery chargers here it is. Ctek chargers use a unique 8-step charging process.

To chat about the right Ctek charger for you call us on 02 9970 6999

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