Marine Battery Chargers

sterling marine battery charger

If you want reliable power from your boat batteries you need to use the right marine battery and charger combination.

If you're not sure where the problem lies, call us and we'll jump on board and test your system.  In many cases where customers are having marine power issues we find it's the charger not the battery that's the problem.

We are very used to coming up with great solutions for our clients.

For example for many small boat owners we install automatic charging between battery 1 and battery 2 which simplifies the charging process and saves trouble and headaches if you go forget.

In the harsh marine environment it's crucial to design and good system then install quality components using quality wiring.

Once we have designed your marine power system we work alongside our marine electrician to ensure the installation is a very high standard.

We stock a wide range of quality boat battery chargers - Ctek, Durst, Sterling Pro-charge, Enerdrive and Xantrex -  and we can source other brands if you need them.

All our chargers are intelligent - they only charge your battery when it needs charging and never over-charge it.

Durst marine battery chargers

Durst are an Australian family business and their chargers are well recognised for their robust construction.

Sterling Procharge marine battery chargers

sterling marine battery charger

Sterling are very accurate chargers in a range of 12 and 24v sizes with triple output.

They are ideal for all sizes of marine battery bank.

We find their charging algorithms are extremely accurate and great for getting max performance from lead acid, agm, gel and lithium banks.

Enerdrive marine battery chargers

Enerdrive are from a well respected Australian supplier. They offer a range of 12 and 24 volt chargers with triple output which are incredibly easy to install.

Xantrex marine battery chargers

Xantrex chargers are well know in marine battery circles as easy to install and very reliable chargers.

Marine Power Solutions

battery business marine battery wiring

The photograph shows the wiring we needed to solve a tight berthing problem. To park this large yacht the bow and stern thrusters need to draw close to 1000A.

The previous electrician had wired the system with a 150A relay which meant the owner lost power mid-park on several occasions which was very stressful for him.

We put together a bank of solenoids to carry close to 1000A.

Want to cruise long distances?

We have solar panels and wind generators in stock and are very experienced in designing and installing systems so you can be totally self-sufficient in terms of power at sea.

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