Motorcycle Batteries

At Battery Business we stock a huge range of motorcycle batteries.

We carry conventional lead acid batteries (accessible and sealed maintenance free), glass mat (AGM), GEL and lithium batteries.

Our main brands are Poweroad Yucell, Exide, Katana, Yuasa, Deka, Duracell and Motobatt, but we also carry some other brands in unusual sizes.

Conventional Lead Acid Batteries

We stock accessible and sealed maintenance free motorbike batteries.

These are ideal for vintage motorcycles and if you are budget-conscious.

Glass Mat (AGM) and GEL batteries

AGM batteries are ideal if you have a high performance bike because these batteries will push harder when you start your bike and can last longer, especially in tough conditions - hot, cold or high demands from electronic systems.

They are also completely maintenance free.

We also stock GEL batteries for specific applications.


Lithium Motorcycle Batteries

Lithium batteries offer you huge performance for their size and are incredibly light.

They are ideal for racing and track bikes.

They are also ideal for exotic road bikes in certain conditions which we can discuss with you. 

Choosing the right battery for your bike and individual needs is tricky...

Call us on 02 9970 6999 to talk to an expert



Poweroad Yucell

Yucell are one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle batteries and Poweroad is a great brand for the 'everyday' motorcyclist.

They offer a wide range to fit a large number of models and include maintenance free and AGM options.

They are made in a well respected factory and offer great value for money.


Another great value battery from another well-known manufacturer.

The range is a bit more limited but if there's one for your bike it's a great 'everyday' option.


A clever battery designer - Motobatt makes a smaller range of quality AGM batteries but, by using double terminal design and including a variety of spacers, the Motobatt range fits the majority of applications.

Great value batteries in the AGM range.


Katana motorcycle batteries come in a wide range to fit many makes and models. They are supplied by Yuasa and are generally regarded as the budget version of the Yuasa range.

Another great value option.


battery businessYuasa are premium motorcycle batteries offering high performance, durability and long life - made in Japan and Taiwan to very exacting specifications and often the orginal fit on high end motorcycle brands.

They are ideal for premium quality road going motorcycles and some racing applications.


Deka are premium absorbed glass mat motorbike batteries again offering power and durability.

Ideal for road going and racing bikes.


Duracell are a range of premium AGM batteries made in the USA.

They give you high performance and longevity. Ideal for racing and road going bikes.


The best way to get the right motorcycle battery for your needs is to call us 02 9970 6999

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