Ctek Car Battery Chargers

CTEK car battery chargers

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CTEK chargers were the first to employ smart technology which uses switched mode electronics like you find in your computer.

So this means the charger can have dedicated cycles for different battery technologies and problems.

Or to put it really simply... the charger does what your battery needs.

Your battery is never under cooked or over baked. Just perfectly charged every time.

At Battery Business we like CTEK battery chargers because they are a quality charger that safely extends the life of your battery.

Key Features of CTEK chargers

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Battery Business are an authorised CTEK distributor

  • You can be confident that our chargers are genuine
  • To make this very clear... we do NOT sell grey imports
  • Our chargers come with a full CTEK year warranty
  • For your peace of mind... this warranty is honoured by any other authorised CTEK distributor

To chat about the right CTEK charger for your car call us on 02 9970 6999


More technical detail

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And if you want more technical detail about CTEK car battery chargers here it is. CTEK chargers use a unique 8-step charging process.

To chat about the right CTEK charger for your car battery call us on 02 9970 6999.

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