Maintaining and Charging your Car Battery

When your car engine is running your alternator charges your car battery.

In most cases this is fine BUT it's important to realise that the alternator only charges the battery to 80%.  To get the last 20% of charge in you need to pulse charge you battery.

car wont start

So why is this a problem?

If your battery not fully charged, sulphur escapes from sulphuric acid in the battery and coats the lead plates.

This creates an electrical resistance and your engine gets slower and slower to start. Eventually it doesn't start at all.

You can maintain your car battery by using a quality charger every few months overnight. Do this and you'll extend it's life by around 25%.

The charger needs to be a smart, trickle charger. A smart charger will give your car exactly what it needs and it won't over-cook your battery.

With a smart charger you can relax knowing your battery is safe. So if you have a vintage car or you're going away for a few weeks - leave your battery on charge and your battery will be in tip-top condition when you get back.

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